That’s What I Love About Sunday’s

My Dad and I LOVE the song “That’s What I Love About Sunday’s”. I miss that crazy fella!

Anyway — one of my favorite things to do on Sunday is to make a list of what I want to accomplish the following week… Does that make me Type-A? Probably.

This week I have an ambitious list of things to accomplish! Beginning with this morning! I can officially cross off walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! Yay! I got this new app called “Moves” and it calculates how much you walk a day. So far today I have walked a whopping 8.6 miles! Geez! It helps that I get up early and get moving before the crowds start!

So here is my ever growing list of things to accomplish this week!

Chinatown with Susan and John

Moroccan restaurant with David in SoHo (Maybe Tuesday evening before meeting at 7!)

The Met (Sunday post Chinatown lunch?)

Today Show (Monday AM?) Lincoln Center Thursday Night (Free!) ??

**** Most Important! Haircut ;)

Melissa Makeup Tutorial at Nars @ Saks

Make Wills come to New York for the weekend!!!!



Happy Sunday ladies and gents!

XO, kp

Thankfully Thursday (is over) and Finally Friday!

Yesterday I went to the Natural History Museum… it was so boring. First of all, there were hundreds of children. My only problem with this situation is WHY ARE KIDS STILL IN SCHOOL? That’s so silly… it’s June! Summer is among us! The other problem is there were no real animals. What’s up with that? I guess I’ll try the zoo next time.

I booked it to Saks Five… But came across Rock Center on the way! So naturally I went up the elevator to the 67th floor. It was soooo not boring! Much cooler than the museum and I dare say much cooler than the views at the Empire State! Below are two images I took at the Top of the Rock! One is the view towards Downtown… You can see the Empire State as well as Freedom Tower. The other is Central Park! Pretty stellar views if you ask me! I really loved that it was cloudy because I didn’t need sunglasses 8)



My Friday plans consist of class, the gym, the Met, a bottle of Prosecco, and dinner!

Enjoy, friends!

xx, kp

This one is for the ladddddiesssss!

I see women all the time with flamboyant and, more often than not, pricey purses — especially during the summer! I love color (most days…) but HELLO! We all know that seasons and trends change! So, instead of buying a “summer bag” I compensate with a new perfume! (Is once a month pushing it?) They are not as pricey and I LOVE the bottles! There are few things more beautiful than a collection of beautiful perfume bottles on a silver tray in your washroom. bedroom! (Avoid keeping your fragrance where you shower because it slowly ruins the aroma, as well as in direct sunlight) Anyway, as the story goes, yesterday I went to Bloomy(ie?)’s in SoHo and did something I never do: bought a fragrance as soon as the aroma triggered the olfactory receptors in my nose. I typically like to wear a fragrance for a day or so and then return for purchase if I still love it, but no, Bottega has done it again! Bottega Veneta Eau Légere… fresh and light but sexy for summer. Go have a sniff, girls!


OR… forget what I say and get them both! Happy Summer & Happy Shopping!

Cheers to you, Amtrak.

What a FUN weekend. Yesterday morning I traveled southbound for my sister-in-law’s baby shower! It won’t be long now until I am a first-time auntie… What a spoiled little baby-back-Brooke she will be! Nueva York is obv’s crazy on the weekend (and always…) so I was happy to go home for the night!

Here is a brief overview of my weekend…

Saturday: I woke up early and went to The High Line! We briefly discussed this park in my architecture class. It’s an old railroad line that used to deliver to warehouses along the Hudson. A little history, architecture, art, a nice walk, magnificent views, and free (!!!!) — how else would you want to spend a beautiful Saturday morning? That afternoon I stopped by the Union Square Greenmarket, a part of “Grow NYC”. Beautiful flowers, milk in glass bottles, farm fresh organic eggs, leafy green produce, freshly baked bread – now we’re talkin’! I grabbed a quick lunch and did a little window (…) shopping on Avenue Five. For dinner I made reservations (for one!) at The Smith Restaurant. I walked passed this cute place a few days ago and knew I must give it a try! My meal consisted of a glass (or two) of prosecco, a dozen oysters, and a salad, was delicious and what a fun atmosphere it was!

Sunday morning I got up early to hop on my train to DC. Riding the train is as chill as an ice cube. There are so many advantages to a train versus a plane: 1) People were still standing as the train left (“Please fasten your seatbelt for takeoff…” Uh, yeah right, no seat belts on trains!)  2) No security (I am sensing a change in this somewhere in the near future) 3) TONS OF LEG ROOM (for those of you over the six-foot marker) 4) Cell service and Wi-Fi. So cheers to you, Amtrak, as you made my favorite part of the weekend not only a breeze, but possible!


Rain, rain go away! Have a great week!




This morning I had class and we sooo occupied Wall St.

After class I headed uptown to walk around a bit.

This evening I ventured around the East Village in search of sushi but settled on ice cream for dinner… Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is worth the trip. SO GOOD! I had “The Salty Pimp”: a waffle cone with vanilla soft serve injected with dulce de leche, dipped in sea salt and THEN dipped in chocolate sauce for a hard shell. It was divine! Big Gay, you’re doing it right.

XO and enjoy the weekend!

Kitty K

Thursday, May 30

It’s not even 8 am and WOW WHAT A DAY:

**Drafting Notes** Ok so I didn’t make it to the Today Show this morning… I guess I forgot it STARTS at 7 and it’s harder to get there than it is to turn on the tv and watch it…

On the plus side I have tottttally figured NYU/C out. I got up at 6 this morning and went for a walk until about 7:30. I explored Washington Square Park and the surrounding streets. It was quiet and lovely but it gets hot quickly. I made a brief stop at Starbucks before heading back to dorm to shower and next I am heading Uptown. I made a grand discovery this morning! Upon entering dorm you have to “tap” your NYU card and then enter the month and date of your birthday. Mine is 11-18. SO IS RICHARD’S. Richard is the security guard who has been at the door every time I have left or entered the building! He’s the best and such a jokester… total Scorpio! LOVE HIM!

Currently, 7 pm: TIRED. Sitting outside in Washington Square people watching!

Today I took the subway (first time alone!) on the 6 train up to 51st street. I walked a ton and was able to cross a few things off of my NYC to-do list! I went to the MoMA and Grand Central Station today! Woohoo party time! Dropped in to Saks for a little afternoon pick me up treat and treated myself to a taxi ride back to 9th St.

Tomorrow I am initiating Operation Vintage Tee’s (designer consignment!!!) and Operation Find a Dress for Jennifer’s Baby Shower! #ComingForYou(Again!)ParkAve

Oh, and thanks to Nelou’s NYC expertise I have discovered a fabulous place for a quick mani and pedi before the weekend!




(Hi, Mom!)


Day Three in Nueva York is just about over! My parents are gone and it is my first official day alone and BOY WAS I ALONE! Let me not so briefly flash back to Monday and Tuesday!

Monday, May 27: Mom, Dad, and I set off around 8:30 am and arrived in New York around 1:30 pm. We immediately went to Alumni Hall, my home for the next month, checked in (too easy?), and moved all of my things up to my room and met my roommate, Maddi! Maddi is a drama major from Tennessee. She’s trying to graduate next semester so she’s taking some intense courses this summer. After I dropped off my bags I went with Mom and Dad to check into their hotel. Before even going to the room we walked around uptown on Madison and did shopping! We had gorgeous weather as we strolled throughout uptown and then traveled back down fifth along Central Park! We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and decided to get a rec for dinner from the Concierge!  P.J. Clarke’s was the move, my friends. It was a fabulous little (big) restaurant and YAY there’s one in DC so I can go all the time when I’m home. For dinner we had two dozen oysters and our waitress was so cute and from Virginia (she recognized our “accent”)! Dad finally had his Rueben that he had craved all day, and Mama had delicious scallops! It was such a great place and I can’t wait to go back while I’m here. That night I stayed with Mom and Dad at the Waldorf and we watched my Dad’s new favorite show, The Bachelor?????!!!!! #Help

Tuesday, May 28: Happy Birthday, Mama!!! I left 50th and Park early to head Downtown to my room to get a quick shower before my first class at NYU! I navigated my way to the Silver Center of Arts and Sciences (or something) and stopped for a quick breakfast on the way. My class has 10 other students in it and I have a super cool professor. Essentially my class is from 10-2:xx every day and a short portion is reserved for lecturing and the other is in the field — New York is the most fabulous place for an Art History class. We’re starting with the Dutch arrival in lower Manhattan and ending with the continual move uptown towards Rockefeller, etc. My class is strictly architecture based (and I get credit for it at Wofford!), but don’t worry, the great museums are on my list of things to do! Professor Ritter was extremely casual about using the subway and I didn’t have the heart to tell him right away that I a) didn’t have a MetroCard and b) had actually never ridden the Subway in my life. Not to mention I kept calling it the Metro because isn’t that what we (they) call it in DC? Fortunately a classmate (Hannah! She’s so great!) informed me that you buy a MetroCard and then put money on it (FYI $2.50 a ride!).  I learned later on from my dear friend Susan at Saks that you can also use your MetroCard on the buses WHICH, as much as I will try to avoid, will inevitably end up taking at some point against my parents wishes… (Sorry Mom & Dad, Welcome to New York, I guess). Anyway so my first trip on the subway was a success. After class I had to somehow navigate my way back to NYU as Professor Ritter’s parting words were “Well if you want to take a little ten minute walk and see one or two more buildings, great; if not, I’ll see you tomorrow!” UM… Typically I would have gone as I am trying to see as much as I can but unfortunately lil ol’ me wore a sassy LBD for my first day of class. Typically the first thing I do in the morning is CHECK THE WEATHER but, gee, I guess NYC will do that to a girl! So off I went back to the subway! Thank the heavens for Martin, another classmate, who walks entirely too fast but offers great directions — I was able to find my way back to Alumni (my dorm) and retrieve a coat before meeting my parents uptown for shopping, lunch, dinner, good company, etc!

WELL LET ME SAY… the city in the rain is no joke. The entire place shuts down, not a cab to be found. (Woah, am I famous yet? #Poet) Making my way from 9th to 50th, again, was a lengthy process. I managed to catch a cab from 9th to 30th and then RUN IN THE RAIN SANS UMBRELLA (still LBD and sandals, people) to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to find my parents! Welllllll, D & D were nowhere to be found, my phone was dead, and therefore the quivering lip followed by tear induced running mascara caught the attention of well, everyone. I’m so dramatic. Anyway… for Mom’s birthday dinner we traveled via limo to Lombardi’s Pizza. Leave it to my fam to take a limo to a pizza joint… However I will say this restaurant, unlike P.J. Clarke’s, was suggested to us by the doorman at the hotel. They say the doormen know the city better than anyone else. I buhlee dat!!!! It was divine. Thin crust, huge slices by the “pie” – simply amazing! I CRASHED THAT NIGHT.

If you’ve come this far I am so happy you’re interested in my life!!!

Wednesday, May 29: This morning I ventured back to my room again to do homework (!!!), shower, and grab some breakfast before class at 10. I used my phone for directions but I think by my next class on Friday I won’t need to use it for directions at all. I got pretty used to the subway today so I might try and take that up to the Today Show in the AM! I should be easy to spot?! Anyway — today we had a lecture and then took the 6 train down to the Brooklyn Bridge and then switched to the 5 (???) and went to South Street Seaport. Suppppper culture-filled area with tons of history architecturally. One of my favorite locations was 55 Water Street. A skyscraper that has a terrace for public use. The terrace over looks the Hudson and the area where a ton of helicopters were continuously landing and taking off (so cool!). Around 2:30 I headed back to dorm and took a catnap before venturing back out — the first time really on my own! I found the NYU Bookstore, naturally bought a t-shirt (pictures to come!), and got my NYU card (omg my picture slightly resembles my infamous passport picture circa 2005, how unfortunate…), and walked around just to get a feel of where I was (Where am I???)


So, my friends, that is where I am as of 8 o’clock this evening! It has been g0, go, go, but hey, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — WELCOME TO NEW YORK! #Thriving :)



Feeeeeelin’ Gooooooood!

I think I can vouch for Wofford’s entire student body when I say we need sleep! In spite of finals this song puts a smile on my face, gives me a push, and will forever remind me of my sophomore year of college!

Happy Thursday! Don’t forget your #tbt pictures on your Insta’s!